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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Boys, boys and more boys!

I grew up just a couple of blocks from this cute mom. Now we have our own families and only live a couple of blocks from eachother! She is the amazing mother of four boys! I only have two boys, so I can only HALF imagine what her life is like, but I know this: She does a GREAT job.

Carter 3 Crop copy
Carter 2 Crop copyCarter 7 copy
Carter 23 Crop copy

This little guy was seriously cracking me up.
Carter 10 copy

Of course, big brother was awesome :)
Carter 12 copy

THIS brother didn't want to smile much... BUT THEN...
Carter 15 Crop copy

...through my viewfinder, I see a snowball smash into the side of his head! Dad had thrown it at him to get him to smile, and guess what? It worked!!
Carter 17 Crop copy

And the littlest one... he was funny. By the time we found a spot to do his, he was pretty much over the whole picture thing, but he sure is a cutie ;)
Carter 21 Crop copy

A couple more family shots:
Carter 1 Crop copy
Carter 6 Crop copy2


Little Moon Photography said...

These are awesome, look at all of those adorable boys!! awesome job!

Laura said...

Great pictures and I love the location. Beautiful.

Lisa Kryschuk said...

Wonderful job! What a beautiful family!

Christina Johns Photography said...

Wow, you did such a great job capturing this family. What a great session!

Jessica said...

These pictures turned out great! I love the location. Too much fun! Their boys are so handsome. Super cute fam!