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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bath Family

It's going to take me a while to really get caught up here on the blog, so bear with me! The crazy, busy fall portrait season, and then the wonderfully fun, yet still busy holiday season have caused some delays! But I'm determined to share at least a glimpse into each session that I was so blessed to have this year.

Here is another really awesome family! I was so excited that they called me to do this for them. This Mom and Dad really know how to raise 'em right! Both of their girls have grown up to be such wonderful young women, and both are married to really great guys. In fact, I shot the younger daughter's wedding just this past summer, and it was SO FUN. This was fun, too. Even with dogs. ;) Thanks Bath Family! You guys are great.
Bath 1 Crop copy
Bath 6 Crop copyBath 7 copy
Bath 9 Crop copy
Bath 5 Crop copy

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Edwards Family

I grew up right next door to the cute mom of this fun family. She was just a year ahead of me in school, and I remember being jealous of her beautiful blond hair and the fact that she wore glasses. I think I even chose to play the flute because she did! I'm also pretty sure she never knew any of those funny facts, but I definitely looked up to her. It was so fun to see her darling family, and to see how much her kids remind me of her in one way or another. What a great group!

Edwards 3 copy
Edwards 6 copyEdwards 5 Crop copy
Edwards 8A Crop copy
Edwards 10 Crop copy
Edwards 17 copyEdwards 14 copy
Edwards 16 copyEdwards 15 copy
Edwards 13 copy


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Page Family!

I decided that I'm WAY too far behind with blogging, and I've got to get going and CATCH UP!! So here's the first of many, many Fall Family Portrait posts to come. And this one is from clear back in October! To be honest, it feels like it was just last week. Time is just FLYING by! Before we know it, we'll be halfway through 2012!

You would never know of the mischief from these boys by looking at the images of them, but trust me, there's always mischief. I love them!!

Page 6 copyPage 1 copy
Page 7 5X7 copy
Page 11 copyPage 9 copy
Page 10 copyPage 12 copy
Page 8 A 8X10 copy
Page 13 copyPage 22 copy

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So Much to Come!

Oh my goodness, what a busy fall this turned out to be. I'm so grateful for many clients who returned, and for the opportunity to meet so many new ones. I've gotten severely behind in the blogging department. I'm finishing up the last few sessions of the season, and hopefully soon I'll have many, many blog posts to share! Thanks to everyone who made this my busiest season yet! It has been a blast. :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Aw, this handsome little man just melts my heart. He turned three not long ago, but you'd think he was 4! He's one smart cookie, and if you look real close, you might be able to see a little bit of mischief in his eyes ;)

Easton 4BW copy
Easton 1 copyEaston 3 Crop copy
Easton 8 Crop copyEaston 9 copy
Easton 6 copy

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Times Two

When I was young, I thought it would be so fun one day to have twins. I had cousins that were twins, and I was always a little jealous that they always had their very best friend with them. I just love seeing twins together. These two are no exception. They are so funny! They are best buds, but their personalities are so different. We did their session on their 4th birthday! I hope their birthday was great :)

Talon 1 copyTalon 5 copy
Talon 6 Crop BW copyCardon 6 Crop BW copy
Cardon 2 copyCardon 1 copy

You can't do a session for twins without getting some TOGETHER shots!!
Twins 1 BW copy
Twins 2 copy

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sweet Miss "S"

I love when kids get to the age where they actually enjoy having their picture taken. Six year olds never let me down! This cute little Miss Mischief was no exception. Even though I know she likes to make a little trouble every now and then, she was a perfect angel for her session. We were there and done in NO time :) And we got so, so many cute images, that I really struggled to narrow things down. I could have posted every single picture from her shoot! I even told her mom that she definitely deserve a sweet treat. Hopefully she got it!

Syd 3 copySyd 5 copy
Syd 16 BW copy
Syd 18 copySyd 13 copy
Sydnee Crop 2 copy
Syd 30 CopySyd 27 BW copy
Syd 26 copy 2
Syd 24 copy

Monday, October 3, 2011


I love photographing siblings. Maybe that's because my favorite images of my OWN kids are the ones of them together. However, there is always ONE kiddo that just doesn't want to be there. At all. HAHA!! This was no exception. These brothers are some of my favorite kids, and the littlest one definitely took the role expected. He was not having it! His older brothers sure did try to get his cooperation, though. They are such great kids. While we did manage to get a few of them together, my favorites this time around are the individuals of each of the boys. And even better, they are awaiting the arrival of ANOTHER brother! I can't wait to meet him.

Carter 2 copy
Carter 12 copyCarter 3 copy
Carter 9 copyCarter 15 Tighter crop copy
Carter 21 copy