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Monday, June 28, 2010

Cute Little Cowgirl

This little sweetie turns ONE on Friday. Where did this year go? I remember taking her teeny little newborn pics, like, yesterday!

She has grown up so much... running around like a little pro. She thinks she is as big as her cousins! She is seriously one of the happiest little people I've ever met. And cute? That doesn't even begin to describe her! Her mama wanted some "Cowgirl" pics in her teeny Wrangler jeans and boots... and she was so interested in the horse and goats at the barn, that she didn't want much to do with me, but she had fun. Lots and lots of fun! :)

Harlie 1 copyHarlie 2 copy

She LOVED the horse. She just kept laying down and giving him "loves." (No worries... dad was REALLY close by, and we did these REALLY fast! He would step out just long enough for me to snap, then he was right back ready to catch her!)
Harlie 16 copy
Harlie 15 copy

Apparently Daddy is HILARIOUS!!
Harlie 22 copyHarlie 21 copy
Harlie 18 copyHarlie 19 Cropped BW copy

She was so funny leading the horse around. And Mr. Wishbone? Most. Patient. Horse. Ever!! He just followed wherever she went. He did try to eat my camera bag at one point, but I can forgive him that. He's such an awesome horse!
Harlie 11 copyHarlie 10 copy

Harlie 7 copyHarlie 9 BW copy
Harlie 17 BW copyHarlie 14 copy

We did a quick little outfit change, but she was pretty much done with me and my big 'ol camera. I still loved how these ones came out, though. She "posed" herself for this first one.
Harlie 6 copy

Even when she was tired of me, she was still sweet. She just quietly walked (ran) in the opposite direction :)
Harlie 4 Vintage copy

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! I still can NOT believe it's been a year. Time sure flies!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Special Gift for Dad

These kids were so sweet and well behaved. That alone would make any Dad happy on Father's Day... but their dad got these fun pictures to treasure forever. I sure do hope he liked them! :) Mom thought it would be a fun Father's Day surprise. He's a lucky guy to have such awesome kids. The grass was really wet, but they had no problem laying down for a few shots. They were total troopers! They even tried to climb a tree for a shot. Big sis got up on the huge branch, but she wasn't too sure... even so, she was willing. Big brother tried and tried to climb up, but just couldn't do it... and little sis was a bit too nervous, but they did everything else perfectly!! Dad oughtta be proud.

Jones 7 copy
Jones 13 copy
Jones 12 copy
Jones 14 copy
Jones 3 copy
Jones 15 Cropped copy

Monday, June 14, 2010

Big 5!

This cool guy is turning five! His birthday is tomorrow, but I just couldn't wait to post his cute 5-yr-old pics. We had quite the adventure on this shoot. We parked on Main Street, and decided to just walk around and find some fun spots. At one spot we stopped, I was standing on a pile of bricks to get a shot, and when I stepped down, my clutziness took over, and I totally biffed it. My leg was torn up, but luckily my camera came out of it alive! And I would have been really embarrassed, but since this handsome kid is my nephew, and it was just me, him and his mama... well let's just say that my sister knows me well enough to know that this is normal! Anyway, Happy Birthday Buddy! I can't believe you are five (and I can't believe that my baby sis is going to have a Kindergartner this fall!!!) Love you guys, and we'll see you tomorrow on the big day :)

Justice 2 Cropped copyJustice 3 Cropped copyJustice 4 Cropped copy

Justice 5 Cropped copyJustice 6 BW copy
Justice 10 BW Cropped copyJustice 8 copy

Justice 12 BW Grunge copyJustice 13 BW copy

Justice 17 Cropped copy

Justice 19 copyJustice 18 copy

Justice 25 Retro copyJustice 24 Retro copy

Justice 27 Cropped copy

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I was so excited when my sweet sister-in-law asked me to take her engagement pictures! I knew it would be fun, because these two crazy lovebirds ARE fun!! It was quite an adventure trying to get to the right location, however. I had some great ideas... but when we got to the first location, we just drove past. I could tell that there was SOMETHING going on there. Tons of cars... lots of people... so it was off to the second location. As soon as we pulled in there, it didn't look good. Apparently there was a concert going on there. Good thing I had a third location in mind. It turned out to be a great place and we took about a million shots there, then decided to go back and try the first location again. I knew there were some spots there that were no where near the crowd. Turns out it was some kind of huge party with loud music and tons of teenagers (I think it may have been a church youth activity). So we just stayed up the hill from them and it turned out to be great! These two get married in August in the Washington D.C. Temple. Oh, how I wish I could be out there for the wedding!! Hopefully I'll get to take her bridals pics (HINT HINT!) Well, it was hard to narrow down favorites, so I posted a whole bunch. Enjoy! :)

CT 47 copy
CT 37 Hazy copyCT 39 copy
CT Blog 3
CT 50 BW copy
CT Blog 1
CT 19 Retro copy
CT 22 copy
CT 29 copy
CT 34 copy
CT 6 Crop copy
CT 2 copy
CT 10 BW Crop copyCT 4 copy
CT 68 copy
CT 66 Crop copy
CT 60 copy
CT 57 copy