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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Super Fun Family!

Happy birthday to the awesome and amazing mom of this family! This is seriously one of the coolest families I've ever met. They are so fun, and have such a great bond. And their yard? HELLO! Best. Yard. Ever!

Nelson 25 copy

Nelson 28 copy

Nelson 10 copy

Dad and the boys. Serious one second, laughing their heads off the next. I don't think they are really that serious ever. :)Untitled-1

The girls: Aren't they gorgeous!?
Nelson 26 copy

I hope my kids grow up to be half as awesome as these guys. They are so great and you can tell they have a really special bond.

Nelson 42 copy

Nelson 4 Texture 8X10 copy

These last couple of fun shots were totally the Dad's idea! Are they not the coolest?
Nelson 3 copy
Nelson 2 copy


Shanna Kreza said...

That first one looks like a fake backdrop it is so pretty! I laughed out loud at the last one! So cute!

susieL said...

What a beautiful setting for a family portrait! This family looked like they were so much fun - love the last set of shots!

Jessica said...

I absolutely love these pictures. I want my family pictures taken at their house! Good thing I know where they live and they might just let use intrude on their yard! :)

Rose said...

What a gorgeous family! You captured their fun spirit! Love these!

Stacie said...

I LOVE the shadows. How fun. And such a gorgeous setting for a gorgeous family.

Paula Hickson Photography Blog said...

WOW!!! Great session and what a yard they have!! They are a beautiful family and you did a wonderful job capturing them!

Jennifer Lauren said...

SUCH a cool session, beautiful images and a gorgeous family! Love them all, great work!

Claire said...

I love these! Looks like such a fun family!! Beautiful job.

Beira said...

What an awesome session! I love the one of the guys being funny and the processing is perfect for it. Amazing backdrop in these. Great work!

Jaidean said...

Oh, wow...I can't even pick a favorite! These are fantastic! What a cool yard!

yan palmer said...

oh my gosh, look at the variety of amazing family shots they have to choose from! well done! these are gorgeous!

mandy said...

You must have worked so hard on this sessions! These are just amazing. Great work.

Lisa said...

Fantastic job! That last couple makes me smile! You really rocked this session!