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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Smiley Guy

This little guy is probably one of the happiest babies I've ever seen. Every time I see him, he is smiling! I'll be honest, I HAVE heard him cry, but it's the cutest little squeaky cry, and it doesn't last very long. He's even happier now that he can sit up and really see the world. And he loved watching the cars go by as we were doing his pictures. LOVE him!!

Krew 2 copyKrew 3 copy Krew 1 copyKrew 5 copy Krew 7 BW copyKrew 6 Crop BW copy

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Big Brother and Little Sister {Sweet Siblings!}

Two years ago I met these cute, cute kiddos. Little sister was just a tiny little baby, and big brother was less-than-interested in pictures, but we got some cute ones of them together, and I was super excited to see baby girl again a few months later, and the next fall when their mom called to set up some family portraits. It was fun to see them all together. Now here we are another year later, and they have grown so much! I'm so glad they keep coming back... it's fun to watch how much they have changed and how big they are getting. They were so fun! Little Sis is at the less-than-interested phase, but she started out really strong. Stood right where I put here, looked right at the camera, and then loved seeing a few images on the screen of my camera. Big brother was awesome! He did just what we asked him to. Such a big boy :) LOVE these precious kiddos!

Nielson 11 Crop copy

Such a handsome little dude. He was excited about all the motorcycles we were seeing, and asked his dad if they could take a ride. Wouldn't that be fun! Nielson 6 copyNielson 5 copy Nielson 1 copy Nielson 3 copy

The blue eyes on this little princess just kill me! And she sure knows how to use them ;) Nielson 10 copyNielson 8 crop copy

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Little Mr. "Not-Really-Serious!"

What a handsome little dude! He was all smiles... that is, until I put my big ol' camera up to my face, then it was Mr. Serious. He would turn away and smile, then turn back all somber. I'm pretty sure he was TEASING ME!! We did manage to capture a few little grins. When he does smile, he lights up a room. Love this little man!
Tyce 1 copyTyce 7 copy Tyce 2 BW copy

Tyce 10 copyTyce 5 copy