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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Smith Family

This was one of my favorite sessions during all the Fall craziness. The light was GORGEOUS! The only negative thing was the fact that it was FREEZING!! These sweet, well-behaved boys never complained once. They were awesome. Here they were, in their nice sweaters... sometimes letting their hands disappear inside the sleeves... and here I was wearing a coat, scarf, ear-muffs (yes, seriously, ear-muffs) and gloves. I felt so bad for them. At least the snow waited until we were ALMOST done. The light that evening was worth every bit of brrrrr!

Smith 9 copy
Smith 7 copy
Smith 3 copySmith 5 copy
Smith 6 copy
Smith 15 copySmith 13 copy
Smith 11 copy

You can see a few flakes of snow falling in this one of mom and dad if you look closely!
Smith 18 copy

And then, it REALLY started coming down. This was the last photo we shot. We decided we needed one to show the snow coming down. They were the best sports! Poor, freezing boys.
Smith 19 copy

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pontious Family

This session took place on a day that looked pretty scary, weather-wise. It was heavily overcast, with a chance of a storm. It was DARK! We moved their session to an earlier time to try and make sure we had some light, and lucky for us, the clouds moved clear out by the time we started shooting. You would have never believed how gloomy it had been earlier! Even if it had stayed dim, this family would have created enough light just by their smiles. Such a fun family session!

Pontious 23 copy
Pontious 1A copy
Pontious 4 copy
Pontious 10 copyPontious 21 copy
Pontious 7 copy
Pontious 3A copy
Pontious 22 copy

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shepherd Family

Every time this family calls me to do a session, I know it's gonna be fun! I had the awesome opportunity to photograph them when little Audrey was only a couple of weeks old, and Dad was about to leave for Iraq. I've done Audrey's pictures a couple of times, and I got to be there when Dad returned from Iraq - such an honor for me. So when they called again for new family portraits, I was so excited. My favorite location from the shoot? This first shot. There's nothing like Mt. Timpanogos as a backdrop!

Shepherd 21 copy
Shepherd 9 copyShepherd 8 copy
Shepherd 15 copy
Shepherd 6 BW copyShepherd 7 Crop BW copy
Shepherd 19 copyShepherd 10 copy
Shepherd 20 copy

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


What a sweet little angel boy! I went to do this session, and at first he didn't want to sleep. He wanted to be wide awake, experiencing all that was going on. But all it took was the sound and warm air from a small heater, and he was OUT! I just love his little round face, and his head full of hair. He has grown a ton since this session, so hopefully one of these days we can do an updated photoshoot with little Jenson!

Jenson 3 Crop BW copy
Jenson 2 copy
Jenson 4 Crop BW copy
Murray 14 copy

There is so much to come. I'm way behind here on the blog. The holidays were busy, but so much fun. I just enjoyed spending every minute with my family. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season as well. I still can't believe it's over, and here we are a third of the way into January! I do want to share all the fun sessions I had over the fall and the few I had in December, so they are coming. I also have my first wedding of the year on Thursday, so be on the lookout for that, too. Lots and lots to come!