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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Good thing this little munchkin came when he did at two weeks early, because he STILL weighed in at 8 lbs. 9 oz. I can't imagine what he would have weighed on his due date ;) He has three big brothers who were super excited for him to finally arrive, and he looks a little bit like each one of them. He has the cutest little squeaky cry, and I love his tiny ears and his long little fingers. I was excited when my sister asked me if I could come and take his "hospital" pictures. I gotta say, I was never very impressed with the hospital pictures of my own kids, so I loved that I had this opportunity to hopefully get some that she would love. And since he was still at the hospital, he still had on all his little tags, which I think just adds to knowing how brand new he was when we took these :) Here is sweet little Krew at 2 days old!!

Krew 4 copy

I just love his little double chin in these ones...
Krew 6 copyKrew 3 copy

Krew 10 copyKrew 9 copy

Krew 1 copy

His big brothers picked out this cute little dog to give him. I think they will love seeing him snuggling with it!!
Krew 5 Crop copyKrew 7 copy
Krew 2 copy

Welcome, little Krew.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Little Blessing

This is my sweet little nephew. He was "blessed" in church a few weeks ago, and his cute mama wanted some pics of him in his little shirt and tie. I love when little baby boys look like little tiny men. So cute! He is about 3 months old now, so he's just getting so smiley and responsive. He was a tough audience however... he'd smile and coo at me, right up until my big black camera went back up in front of my face, then it was Mr. Serious!

Tyce 2A BW copy
Tyce 5 Copy
Tyce 3 copy
Tyce 1A copy

Check back tomorrow for a handsome little newborn boy (another cute nephew) and the shots I got of him at the hospital when he was just 2 days old!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mike and Johna: Engaged!!

These two are such a cute couple! I had a great time getting to know them better, and I can't wait for their wedding in May! This was such a great session, that I couldn't narrow pictures down much. I'm posting a TON! Enjoy ;)

M&J8 BW copy
M&J19 copyM&J17 copy
M&J20 copy
M&J25A copyM&J26 Hazy copy
M&J29 copy
M&J30 copyM&J31A copy
M&J4 BW copyM&J 5 copy
M&J6 Textured copy

They wanted to do something fun and incorporate a little football into their session. She's a BYU fan (and student) and he roots for the University of Utah... rival week will be fun at their house!!
M&J41 copy
M&J36 copyM&J35 copy
M&J37 copy
M&J38 copy

Think they're excited for their wedding?
Thanks for a great time, you two. Can't wait for May!
M&J40 copy