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Monday, December 20, 2010

10 lbs!

When the nurse came out of the delivery room to give us the news that my new nephew was 9 lbs. 14 oz., the first thing I thought was "how in the world was my sister carrying such a big baby?" She was one of those people that from behind, you would never know she was pregnant. So not fair!! I'll admit, she was looking extra round in the front there at the end, but still... 10 lbs of baby? Sheesh! Good job, Jess. Her Dr. told her not to say 9 lbs 14 oz... he was close enough to 10. Just say 10! Welcome sweet Tyce!

Tyce 11 BW Bigger copy
Tyce 10 copy
Tyce 1 copy
Tyce 8 copy
Tyce 4 Crop BW copy
Tyce 3 BW copy
Tyce 6 copy

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pillow Fight!!

So when my friend started talking to me about doing a pillow fight photoshoot, I LOVED the idea!! I was so excited. It was so different from anything I had done, and it just sounded like so much fun. The day finally came, and she showed up with her kids looking so cute, and her funny dog all ready to join in the craziness. We ended up shooting at the house of another friend, and I don't think she really had any idea of the feather mess we were about to make ;) Minus a few glitches (like my light trigger deciding to quit working), we got some super fun images. Get ready for image overload... because I couldn't narrow them down!!

We started out with a couple of cute posed shots...
McKenzie 2 Crop copy
McKenzie 3 BW copy 2

...then the FUN got started!!
McKenzie 8 copy
McKenzie 7 copy
McKenzie 5 copy
McKenzie 4 copy

Are these kiddos cute or what!?!?
McKenzie 15 Crop copy
McKenzie 16 Crop copy
McKenzie 17 Crop copy
McKenzie 18 Crop1 copy

Seriously, look at all the feathers!
McKenzie 19 copy

McKenzie 21 copy
McKenzie 9 BW copy
McKenzie 23 BW copy

These images are some of my favorite EVER. Maybe because they are just so different from my usual stuff... maybe because they make me just want to jump in and join the pillow fight... maybe it's Mario the dog in the thick of it all, looking like it's the most normal thing in the world... maybe because I didn't have to stick around to clean up all those feathers (although I had feathers falling out of my pants the rest of the night)... maybe because they are just so stinkin' cute. I don't know, but I would do this shoot all over again. Thanks for the awesome idea, Suzie!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Lots of Pink!

This family has LOTS of pink... not only in their cute pictures, but I'm sure in their house as well. That's what happens when you have girls. I grew up with only girls, and my poor outnumbered dad was so great with us. So is this dad! He is so cute with his little princesses. I just love this family :)

Asp 4 copy
Asp 3 copy
Asp 2 copy
Asp 7 copy
Asp 17 copyAsp 12 copy 2

When I say Dad is cute with these girls, I really mean it. He was the one getting these great smiles! They were cracking up!!
Asp 19 copy
Asp 20 BW copy
Asp 5 copy 2

Saturday, December 11, 2010

For Daddy

Remember THIS POST? It's been a few months, and sweet little Audrey has grown so much. What better Christmas gift for a Daddy serving in the military in Iraq than new pictures of his best girls!?

Shepherd 9 Crop copyShepherd 7 copy
Shepherd 12 copyShepherd 13 copy

They have these awesome matching bracelets with their soldier's name on them. Love it!
Shepherd 21 copy

Shepherd 23 copy
Shepherd 25 copy
Shepherd 19 copyShepherd 15 copy
Shepherd 1 copy

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Boys, boys and more boys!

I grew up just a couple of blocks from this cute mom. Now we have our own families and only live a couple of blocks from eachother! She is the amazing mother of four boys! I only have two boys, so I can only HALF imagine what her life is like, but I know this: She does a GREAT job.

Carter 3 Crop copy
Carter 2 Crop copyCarter 7 copy
Carter 23 Crop copy

This little guy was seriously cracking me up.
Carter 10 copy

Of course, big brother was awesome :)
Carter 12 copy

THIS brother didn't want to smile much... BUT THEN...
Carter 15 Crop copy

...through my viewfinder, I see a snowball smash into the side of his head! Dad had thrown it at him to get him to smile, and guess what? It worked!!
Carter 17 Crop copy

And the littlest one... he was funny. By the time we found a spot to do his, he was pretty much over the whole picture thing, but he sure is a cutie ;)
Carter 21 Crop copy

A couple more family shots:
Carter 1 Crop copy
Carter 6 Crop copy2