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Monday, December 13, 2010

Lots of Pink!

This family has LOTS of pink... not only in their cute pictures, but I'm sure in their house as well. That's what happens when you have girls. I grew up with only girls, and my poor outnumbered dad was so great with us. So is this dad! He is so cute with his little princesses. I just love this family :)

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When I say Dad is cute with these girls, I really mean it. He was the one getting these great smiles! They were cracking up!!
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Sophie said...

Aww what a beautiful family - love the pink! Those girlies are so cute!

Christina said...

What an adorable family. You did a great job capturing them!

Steve and Kim said...

Awwww...I love them!! You are the best. Thanks for taking us on so late and for doing such a wonderful job!

Natasha said...

They are so cute great job Jen they all look so adorable I hope some day i am as good as you love your photo's

Mom G said...

Beautiful Family! And you captured their personalities so well! I, too, love this family!!!!
(Of course, I am their grandma!)

Mark and Kellie said...

Great photos. I can empathize with Steve since I have four daughters and a wife. Lots of pink in my house as well. I wonder what it's like to go down the non-pink aisle in Wal-Mart?

Jessica said...

Very, very, cute! Great pictures and super cute girls!