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Monday, December 20, 2010

10 lbs!

When the nurse came out of the delivery room to give us the news that my new nephew was 9 lbs. 14 oz., the first thing I thought was "how in the world was my sister carrying such a big baby?" She was one of those people that from behind, you would never know she was pregnant. So not fair!! I'll admit, she was looking extra round in the front there at the end, but still... 10 lbs of baby? Sheesh! Good job, Jess. Her Dr. told her not to say 9 lbs 14 oz... he was close enough to 10. Just say 10! Welcome sweet Tyce!

Tyce 11 BW Bigger copy
Tyce 10 copy
Tyce 1 copy
Tyce 8 copy
Tyce 4 Crop BW copy
Tyce 3 BW copy
Tyce 6 copy


Natasha said...

to cute I love them what a cute baby

Jessica said...

I love how my sweet boy's pictures turned out! You did such a great job and you captured how handsome he is! Thanks Jen!!

Leah said...

JEN...Stop it!! Jessica. He. Is. PERFECT!!! I want to eat him up....he is so darn cute and the pictures are truly beautiful! How lucky you are that you get to photograph him....I love him...and the images are amazing!

Susie L said...

Congratulations on your gorgeous nephew! What a sweet boy! LOVE the ones with the teddy bear - they are so unique! What a lucky boy to have a professional photographer as an aunt!

DM Stafford said...

Seriously way to cute!!!! I love these pictures! The lighting and everything is just perfect!