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Friday, April 29, 2011

Little Soldier

I loved being able to meet this cute little guy. He is another sweet military baby. I have so much gratitude for these soldiers who go and risk their lives for my freedom. And I have just as much gratitude for their families, who wait for them at home and miss them every day. I wish I could thank every one of them personally... but to these ones that I get to do portraits for: THANK YOU!!

Doesn't he have the most beautiful, big, brown eyes? He was such a happy little camper!
Skyler 8 copy

I love these ones, with his little hat and his daddy's dog tags on!
Skyler 6 copy
Skyler 1 copy
Skyler 2 copy

LOVE this face!!
Skyler 11 copySkyler 12 copy

I was so glad that Mom was willing to hop in for a few shots! Let's get her a free 8X10 of whatever image she wants. If we can get 20 comments here, she'll get one!!
Skyler 19 copySkyler 17 copy

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pretty in Pink

I met this little sweetie when she was a newborn, and her Daddy was getting ready to leave for Iraq. That was last fall. She has grown up so much since then. Sitting up, crawling, flashing big gummy grins. The best part, is that now her Daddy is getting ready to come home!

Audrey 5 copyAudrey 4 copy
Audrey 11 copy
Audrey 8 copyAudrey 23 copy

Since Daddy is in the military, Mom thought it would be fun to do some patriotic/military type shots with some of his things. She brought this HUGE camo tarp, and his boots, dog tags, and patches. Little Audrey wanted to taste it all!

Audrey 13 copy
Audrey 12 copy
Audrey 14 copyAudrey 21 Crop Blue copy

She was a doll. I even stole a kiss or two on her squishy little cheeks. The next post will be her cute cousin... trust me, he has some BIG BROWN EYES that you don't want to miss!!

LEAVE A COMMENT! If we get 20 comments, she'll get a free 8X10!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Angel

I've decided that 8-yr-olds are my absolute favorite to photograph. This one was a total ANGEL. With the crazy weather we've had lately, we had to work fast as the dark, gloomy clouds quickly rolled in, stealing all the light. This sweet girl was so great, though, that it didn't take long to get a whole bunch of really cute shots in. Just as we were wrapping things up, the rain started to fall. She was a little worried about her pretty hair and dress getting wet, but luckily we were all done, and she could run and climb into the car. We finished just in time, too, because soon the winds really kicked up! (My son's soccer game got cancelled half-way through, because the goal posts were literally blowing away!)

Congratulations on your baptism, sweet Sage!
Sage2 Crop copySage1 copy
Sage3A Crop BW copy
Sage16 copySage18 copy
Sage10 copy

If you are interested in Baptism pictures, I have very special pricing for them. Email me at jenstaffordphotography@gmail.com.