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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Angel

I've decided that 8-yr-olds are my absolute favorite to photograph. This one was a total ANGEL. With the crazy weather we've had lately, we had to work fast as the dark, gloomy clouds quickly rolled in, stealing all the light. This sweet girl was so great, though, that it didn't take long to get a whole bunch of really cute shots in. Just as we were wrapping things up, the rain started to fall. She was a little worried about her pretty hair and dress getting wet, but luckily we were all done, and she could run and climb into the car. We finished just in time, too, because soon the winds really kicked up! (My son's soccer game got cancelled half-way through, because the goal posts were literally blowing away!)

Congratulations on your baptism, sweet Sage!
Sage2 Crop copySage1 copy
Sage3A Crop BW copy
Sage16 copySage18 copy
Sage10 copy

If you are interested in Baptism pictures, I have very special pricing for them. Email me at jenstaffordphotography@gmail.com.


Sophie Crew said...

Oh I wish I had Baptism or 1st communion pictures like this when I was little! She is so beautiful - great job on lighting, coloring and comps!

Brooke said...

she's a total doll.. she will forever treasure these. Sure wish I had shots like this when I was baptized. Gorg.

Laura said...

Very darling eight year old. Love the shoot.

Lisa H said...

She is just darling. What treasures for her family!

Jessica said...

I love these pictures so much!! Thanks for doing such an amazing job! I appreciate all of the memories that you have captured for our family. Love ya!

Susie L said...

What a sweet girl in her pretty dress! Love the location of these!