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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pillow Fight!!

So when my friend started talking to me about doing a pillow fight photoshoot, I LOVED the idea!! I was so excited. It was so different from anything I had done, and it just sounded like so much fun. The day finally came, and she showed up with her kids looking so cute, and her funny dog all ready to join in the craziness. We ended up shooting at the house of another friend, and I don't think she really had any idea of the feather mess we were about to make ;) Minus a few glitches (like my light trigger deciding to quit working), we got some super fun images. Get ready for image overload... because I couldn't narrow them down!!

We started out with a couple of cute posed shots...
McKenzie 2 Crop copy
McKenzie 3 BW copy 2

...then the FUN got started!!
McKenzie 8 copy
McKenzie 7 copy
McKenzie 5 copy
McKenzie 4 copy

Are these kiddos cute or what!?!?
McKenzie 15 Crop copy
McKenzie 16 Crop copy
McKenzie 17 Crop copy
McKenzie 18 Crop1 copy

Seriously, look at all the feathers!
McKenzie 19 copy

McKenzie 21 copy
McKenzie 9 BW copy
McKenzie 23 BW copy

These images are some of my favorite EVER. Maybe because they are just so different from my usual stuff... maybe because they make me just want to jump in and join the pillow fight... maybe it's Mario the dog in the thick of it all, looking like it's the most normal thing in the world... maybe because I didn't have to stick around to clean up all those feathers (although I had feathers falling out of my pants the rest of the night)... maybe because they are just so stinkin' cute. I don't know, but I would do this shoot all over again. Thanks for the awesome idea, Suzie!!


Steve and Kim said...

Really super cute!!! What a great idea with such adorable kids!

Natasha said...

Those are awesome I love them what a fun Idea I love it great job Jenn they turned out awesome

Jessica said...

So much fun!! These turned out amazing!! Cute kiddos too!

Suzie said...

I have to say, it is WAY more fun looking at all of the cute pictures rather than actually doing the pillow fight! but I bet my kids would beg to differ. ;)

Sophie Crew said...

Oh my goodness these are SO cute and original! Capturing kiddos when truly having fun captures the most genuine expressions of joy and happiness - you nailed it!

J-ME said...

What a cute idea. I love how these turned out!