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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Little Blessing

This is my sweet little nephew. He was "blessed" in church a few weeks ago, and his cute mama wanted some pics of him in his little shirt and tie. I love when little baby boys look like little tiny men. So cute! He is about 3 months old now, so he's just getting so smiley and responsive. He was a tough audience however... he'd smile and coo at me, right up until my big black camera went back up in front of my face, then it was Mr. Serious!

Tyce 2A BW copy
Tyce 5 Copy
Tyce 3 copy
Tyce 1A copy

Check back tomorrow for a handsome little newborn boy (another cute nephew) and the shots I got of him at the hospital when he was just 2 days old!!


Jessica said...

Thanks Jen!! These turned out cute. We sure had a tough time getting him to cooperate, but you ended up with some good ones. Thanks a million! Love ya!

J-ME said...

how stinkin cute. He is absolutely adorable!!

Brad and Jana said...

He is so cute! It is crazy how big he is...I love this little guy:) Good job Jen!