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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pontious Family

This session took place on a day that looked pretty scary, weather-wise. It was heavily overcast, with a chance of a storm. It was DARK! We moved their session to an earlier time to try and make sure we had some light, and lucky for us, the clouds moved clear out by the time we started shooting. You would have never believed how gloomy it had been earlier! Even if it had stayed dim, this family would have created enough light just by their smiles. Such a fun family session!

Pontious 23 copy
Pontious 1A copy
Pontious 4 copy
Pontious 10 copyPontious 21 copy
Pontious 7 copy
Pontious 3A copy
Pontious 22 copy


Laura said...

I would never have guessed that this wasn't just a perfectly wonderful sunny day. Beautiful.

Jessica said...

These are great pictures! What a cute family. :) I love the silly picture. It is such a fun one.

Cori Henderson said...

The weather looks so nice to me:) Beautiful pictures Jen!!!

Jennifer Stafford Photography said...

Thanks girls. Yeah, the weather actually ended up really nice! A little chilly, but the sun came out JUST in time. It was like a whole different day.