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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Smith Family

This was one of my favorite sessions during all the Fall craziness. The light was GORGEOUS! The only negative thing was the fact that it was FREEZING!! These sweet, well-behaved boys never complained once. They were awesome. Here they were, in their nice sweaters... sometimes letting their hands disappear inside the sleeves... and here I was wearing a coat, scarf, ear-muffs (yes, seriously, ear-muffs) and gloves. I felt so bad for them. At least the snow waited until we were ALMOST done. The light that evening was worth every bit of brrrrr!

Smith 9 copy
Smith 7 copy
Smith 3 copySmith 5 copy
Smith 6 copy
Smith 15 copySmith 13 copy
Smith 11 copy

You can see a few flakes of snow falling in this one of mom and dad if you look closely!
Smith 18 copy

And then, it REALLY started coming down. This was the last photo we shot. We decided we needed one to show the snow coming down. They were the best sports! Poor, freezing boys.
Smith 19 copy


Brad and Jana said...

Those turned out really cute! All boys for her too, I guess I can survive;)

Cori Henderson said...

Those are beautiful! Love the snow!!!