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Monday, June 28, 2010

Cute Little Cowgirl

This little sweetie turns ONE on Friday. Where did this year go? I remember taking her teeny little newborn pics, like, yesterday!

She has grown up so much... running around like a little pro. She thinks she is as big as her cousins! She is seriously one of the happiest little people I've ever met. And cute? That doesn't even begin to describe her! Her mama wanted some "Cowgirl" pics in her teeny Wrangler jeans and boots... and she was so interested in the horse and goats at the barn, that she didn't want much to do with me, but she had fun. Lots and lots of fun! :)

Harlie 1 copyHarlie 2 copy

She LOVED the horse. She just kept laying down and giving him "loves." (No worries... dad was REALLY close by, and we did these REALLY fast! He would step out just long enough for me to snap, then he was right back ready to catch her!)
Harlie 16 copy
Harlie 15 copy

Apparently Daddy is HILARIOUS!!
Harlie 22 copyHarlie 21 copy
Harlie 18 copyHarlie 19 Cropped BW copy

She was so funny leading the horse around. And Mr. Wishbone? Most. Patient. Horse. Ever!! He just followed wherever she went. He did try to eat my camera bag at one point, but I can forgive him that. He's such an awesome horse!
Harlie 11 copyHarlie 10 copy

Harlie 7 copyHarlie 9 BW copy
Harlie 17 BW copyHarlie 14 copy

We did a quick little outfit change, but she was pretty much done with me and my big 'ol camera. I still loved how these ones came out, though. She "posed" herself for this first one.
Harlie 6 copy

Even when she was tired of me, she was still sweet. She just quietly walked (ran) in the opposite direction :)
Harlie 4 Vintage copy

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! I still can NOT believe it's been a year. Time sure flies!


DM Stafford said...


sophie crew said...

Oh my gosh, how sweet! Love how in charge she is of that horsey - so sweet - love the last one!

vickie said...

These are soo adorable! The ones with the horse are just so stinkin cute! I love her expressions. Great work.

Kelsey Anderson said...

These are precious!!!

Jessica said...

These turned out sooooo stinkin' cute! My kids can hardly wait to have their picture taken with Wishbone. If we could just get feeling better so that I could schedule a time with you.

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness. The portraits in black and white walking in the stable are priceless.

Kristin Rachelle said...

Aweee love these! What a cutie pie, so full of joy and smiles!!!!!!! So cute!

Jen Mahoney said...

I love the lighting in the stables, great shots!

Ariana Falerni said...

How did you ever get a horse and a ONE YEAR old to cooperate?? Great work!!

April said...

What a cutie pie:) Love the western theme!

Lisa said...

Oh those are PRECIOUS!!!! Beautiful stuff Jen!

Lisa Little said...

These are beautiful images of a gorgeous little girl! I love the location! Wonderful photo session!!

Lina said...

Happy Birthday! And what beautiful shots to freeze the time!

Tori Piercy said...

These made me sile so big! She is just precious and I love all of the variety you got! Great job!