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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I was so excited when my sweet sister-in-law asked me to take her engagement pictures! I knew it would be fun, because these two crazy lovebirds ARE fun!! It was quite an adventure trying to get to the right location, however. I had some great ideas... but when we got to the first location, we just drove past. I could tell that there was SOMETHING going on there. Tons of cars... lots of people... so it was off to the second location. As soon as we pulled in there, it didn't look good. Apparently there was a concert going on there. Good thing I had a third location in mind. It turned out to be a great place and we took about a million shots there, then decided to go back and try the first location again. I knew there were some spots there that were no where near the crowd. Turns out it was some kind of huge party with loud music and tons of teenagers (I think it may have been a church youth activity). So we just stayed up the hill from them and it turned out to be great! These two get married in August in the Washington D.C. Temple. Oh, how I wish I could be out there for the wedding!! Hopefully I'll get to take her bridals pics (HINT HINT!) Well, it was hard to narrow down favorites, so I posted a whole bunch. Enjoy! :)

CT 47 copy
CT 37 Hazy copyCT 39 copy
CT Blog 3
CT 50 BW copy
CT Blog 1
CT 19 Retro copy
CT 22 copy
CT 29 copy
CT 34 copy
CT 6 Crop copy
CT 2 copy
CT 10 BW Crop copyCT 4 copy
CT 68 copy
CT 66 Crop copy
CT 60 copy
CT 57 copy


Alisa said...

What a cute couple! I love all the variety here. Beautiful work!

This N That Photography said...

So cute! Love these!

Andrea said...

These are amazing! You can really see their love and connection!

Nichole said...

Hi, I found you through ILP. Your work is very crisp and clean looking. I really like how the eyes sparkle in every picture. Beautiful. We are trying to get the Utah county GTG going this next week. Hopefully you will be able to come. Maybe you could teach me a thing or two :) Ps what workshop did you attend? was it around here? (Provo area)

Jennifer Stafford Photography said...

I would LOVE to come to the get together (if I can), Nichole! I've been taking "The Light Workshop" by Detra... who is also on ILP! I've learned a lot. It's an online workshop and goes for 8 weeks. I've really enjoyed it.

Kathleen said...

Oh so sweet. To be young and in love. Beautiful work.

Shonda Feddema said...

Beautiful connections! They are lovely!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet couple. The pics turned out fantastic and you got such variety!

Krissy said...

What a sweet couple. The pics turned out fantastic and you got such variety!

Jen Mahoney said...

So playful and fun! They look so in love!

sophie crew said...

What a great session! Love all of the different comps you got, and love the processing. Great job!

megan parker said...

So cute! I love the variety!

Nichole said...

The location from the Photowalk was in Surgar house. The church was on Yale Avenue and then the street we walked down was just a ways North from there.

Mollie Kendall said...

beautiful shots!! they are such an adorable couple :)

Holly said...

Wow Jenn! Truly gorgeous work! Your SIL is adorable!

Lisa said...

You really captured some beautiful moments here! They look so happy - great job!

Jane Eaton Hamilton said...

They look so young and in love. Love the tree series.