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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Edwards Family

I grew up right next door to the cute mom of this fun family. She was just a year ahead of me in school, and I remember being jealous of her beautiful blond hair and the fact that she wore glasses. I think I even chose to play the flute because she did! I'm also pretty sure she never knew any of those funny facts, but I definitely looked up to her. It was so fun to see her darling family, and to see how much her kids remind me of her in one way or another. What a great group!

Edwards 3 copy
Edwards 6 copyEdwards 5 Crop copy
Edwards 8A Crop copy
Edwards 10 Crop copy
Edwards 17 copyEdwards 14 copy
Edwards 16 copyEdwards 15 copy
Edwards 13 copy



Laura said...

Love the location. All the color. .. . I already miss fall.

Cori Henderson said...

Darling pictures, and beautiful family!!! Love the colors and locations!