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Friday, October 22, 2010

Trouble Times Two

These funny twins are my nephews. They just celebrated their 3rd birthday last week, and I still can't believe how big they've gotten. Each time I've had a 3-yr-old, I've wondered if I would ever make it through. Three is WAY tougher than age two, if you ask me, and I can not even imagine how I would have dealt with TWO 3-yr-olds. It's a darn good thing they are cute!! I have to say, though... these guys were AWESOME yesterday when we took them out on the town for their little photo shoot. We had a blast ;) I so love these sweet little boys.

The best part about twins is that they always have a buddy.
Twins 27 Crop copy

Twins 11 copy
Twins 24 copyTwins 12 Crop copy

Twins 2 Copy
Twins 22 copyTwins 9 copy


Jessica said...

Oh my gosh!! These turned out soooo dang cute!!! :D Love, love, love these pictures! Maybe I better schedule some individual picture appointments for my kids.

Brad and Jana said...

I love them Jen! I now just have a million pictures to get printed from you! Thanks again!

DM Stafford said...

Please tell me how you take such awesome pictures! They are so cute and so big!