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Monday, October 11, 2010

More of the Page Family

Here are a few more of the Page Family. These three little boys are so fun... sometimes challenging, but ALWAYS fun! Soon they'll find out if they are adding another crazy boy, or a girl to their family. I can't wait!

Page 2 Crop copy
Page 1 Crop copy
Page 3 Square BW copy
Page 6 Square BW copy
Page 8 Square BW copy
Page 19 copy


Steve and Kim said...

Such a cute family! And Jen, I love the vivid colors!! Congrats Jana, I love your boys...but I hope it's a girl!

Jessica said...

Cute, cute! I absolutely love the individual pictures of the boys! They are such handsome kiddos! One of the cutest families around. :D

J-ME said...

Love the pics! They all look so cute! I love the ones of Hayden too. His eyes are A-mazing!!