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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Toni and Devin: Married!

I was so excited when Toni asked me to shoot her wedding day. I've been itching to do another wedding for a while! When I first decided to pursue photography, I said I would never do weddings. Quite honestly, it scared me to be responsible for such important memories... however, last fall when I shot my very first wedding I fell in love! Toni and Devin were sealed in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple last Friday, and what a PERFECT day. The weather was gorgeous, and they were so laid back and just plain happy! And isn't she just GORGEOUS?

Toni 029 copyToni 030 copy
Toni 001 copy

I took my husband with me as my assistant. He caught these next two while I was shooting from another angle, and I just LOVED them. I think I'll take him along more often! The best part of having him come along was being able to remember our own wedding day 15 years ago.
Toni 055 copyToni 057 BW copy

Congrats Toni and Devin. I hope the rest of your life together is as perfect as your wedding day :)
Toni 010 copyToni 013 copy
Toni 058 BW copy
Toni 041 copyToni 048 copy
Toni 059 BW copy

There are so many more great images from their special day. I'll post some from their awesome reception soon!


Melissa said...

these are really beautiful!

Katherine said...

So beautiful!! They must be absolutely THRILLED with these!

Susie L said...

Gorgeous images Jen - love the one where she is hugging him from behind and the last one!

Vickie said...

These are beautiful! I love your black & whites.