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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grandma's Farm

I've driven past it a MILLION times. Everytime, I would look at the old silo sitting there, and think "That would be such a great place for a photo shoot!" It's really only a few blocks from my home. So I was super excited when Whitney contacted me to do their family portraits, and she suggested her "Grandma's Farm," which just happened to be THE farm. The one I had been wanting to shoot at forever! It turned out to be a great place, and I think we only scratched the surface as far as backdrops to use.

They seriously have THE cutest kids. Big brother and I always have great conversations... this time he had brought his train guy - of course the train had to stay home. I also found out that we share a favorite show: Phineas and Ferb!
Nielson 35 copy
Nielson 7 BW copyNielson 29 BW copy

I LOVE her green, green eyes. Seriously, so gorgeous! And his blue eyes? No wonder their kids have such killer eyes too!
Nielson 34 copy

I just thought this one was so sweet.
Nielson 26 copy

Big brother would MUCH rather have been checking out the water at the little stream on the property, but bribery really does work sometimes. He's such a cutie!! Little sis was more than willing to sit on the chair and just look cute :)
Nielson 9 copyNielson 17 copy

Such a cute family :)
Nielson 6 copy


sophie crew said...

What a sweet family and awesome location - great job on these!!

Jessica said...

These turned out great! They are a super cute family. I think that I'll have to talk to Whitney and see if we can take our pictures there sometime. Great job Jen!!!

Susie L said...

What a cute family - loving the fall colors! The one of that little girl smiling on the chair is just precious!

Gramma Jamma and Grampy Dawson said...

Oh my gosh! As always you do the best work. Thanks for giving us some really wonderful memories.

Vickie said...

I love these! Beautiful family & clothing choices. You did a wonderful job!

Tori Piercy said...

Gosh, what a gorgeous family- and all with such beautiful eyes! Mine are all jealous all of a sudden :) Beautiful captures too. I bet they have a super hard time picking their pictures out!

Jen Mahoney said...

What a gorgeous family! And a perfect location! Love these!

Anonymous said...

super cute photos!! Love you Poodles!!!!!

robyn said...

What a beautiful family! Great session.