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Friday, August 26, 2011

Super Cool Kid

This is one seriously cool kiddo! He just started first grade, and I think he already asked someone to prom! LOL. He is a skate-boarding, bike-riding, fun-loving 6 year old, and he was the best model. He came up with a few of his own poses, and actually wanted to just keep on shooting! He kept saying "I want to take more pictures!" We had a great time.

Justice1 copyJustice4 copy
Justice12 copyJustice13 copy
Justice23 copy
Justice20 copy
Justice16 copy


Natasha said...

looks like he had lots of fun where did you go I love the location what a great kid to pose and want more can't ask for a better subject than that. Great job I love these pics

Laura said...

Wow, he is cute. . . .I wish my six year old's were that cooperative.