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Monday, August 22, 2011

Dani and Michael {MARRIED!}

Oh my goodness... the more I shoot weddings, the more I LOVE it!! This one was so awesome. Dani and Michael are absolutely perfect for eachother. I've NEVER seen a more happy bride. She had a huge smile on her face all. day. long! The morning was beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky. That all changed in the afternoon as the clouds (and I mean DARK clouds) rolled in. Right before the OUTDOOR reception, it was pouring, thundering, and just plain crazy! They were determined to have their reception outside anyway, and just waited it out. Just before the reception was supposed to start, the clouds parted, the sun peeked out, and the rain stopped. Everyone quickly mopped up the dance floor, wiped off the tables, and started putting on the linens and center-pieces. The reception turned out BEAUTIFUL, and everyone had a great time. I'm posting a million images, because how could I NOT?

Dani and Michael copy
Dani and Michael1 copy
Dani and Michael2 copy
D&M 105 copy
Dani and Michael3 copy
Dani and Michael4 copy
Dani and Michael5 copy
D&M 106 copy
D&M 107 copy
D&M 108 copy
Dani and Michael7 copy
Dani and Michael6 copy
Dani and Michael8 copy
D&M 116 copy
D&M 131 copy
Dani and Michael9 copy
Dani and Michael10 copy
Dani and Michael11 copy
Dani and Michael13 copy
Dani and Michael12 copy
Dani and Michael14 copy
Dani and Michael15 copy
Dani and Michael16 copy
Dani and Michael17 copy
Dani and Michael18 copy


Cori Henderson said...

You do such a good job on weddings. Gorgeous temple pictures!

Laura said...

Okay Jen, my sister Cori was visiting at my house and logged in as her. . .the above comment is from myself. I still think you do an awesome job on weddings. Since I don't do wedding's I'll send people your way if ever I get asked!

Jennifer Stafford Photography said...

Thanks Laura! I LOVE weddings, and I actually swore I wouldn't do them. I would love to do more :) Definitely send them my way.

Cori Henderson said...

I was going to comment anyway:) So funny! You are amazing at weddings!!! Love these!!!

Jennifer Stafford Photography said...

Thanks BOTH of you :) LOL!!

Lisa Kryschukw said...

Oh Jen! These are GORGEOUS! What a beautiful couple, and such a lovely wedding! They will cherish these always!