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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

{Sarah & Nate: ENGAGED}

This was such a fun session with such a cute, fun couple. You should have seen our little entourage as we walked around town. They looked like they were being followed by paparazzi! LOL. Nate's dad was even doing a little bit of video to use for the reception. They are getting married in Washington D.C. in July, and I'm so excited to get to shoot their wedding! The countdown is officially on. :)

SN4 copySN1 Crop copy
SN7 copy
SN5 BW copy
SN10 copySN9 copy
SN11 copy
SN12 copy
SN20 Crop copySN19 copy
SN24 copy
SN28 copy
SN27 copy


DM Stafford said...

Oh my gosh! THESE ARE ADORABLE!! I have to say this is one fine look'n couple hehehehehehe... ok after look'n at how beautiful sarah is, and her gorgeous eye color, I totally know where Kylee gets it from... the Stafford Gene prevails once again hahahahahaha! great job jen! I hope you know I will be baking tons of cupcakes for you in exchange for your knowledge hahahahahaha!

mariee said...

Once again, you did an amazing job!!! We had so much fun tagging along :)

Susie L said...

gorgeous images and gorgeous couple! Love the variety!

Sophie Crew said...

What a beautiful couple! I love how happy these make me feel! Great job!

Jessica said...

These turned out great! Once again, beautiful work Jen!