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Friday, June 10, 2011

{Beautiful Bride}

We did Melissa's bridals a few weeks ago, and it has been torture having to wait to post them! She went the traditional route, not wanting her groom to see her in her wedding dress before the big day. She looked so gorgeous! We shot up at the Capitol and at Memory Grove. It was so fun meeting her cute Mom! I've decided that Bridal sessions are one of my favorite things to shoot! LOVE THEM!!

Today is the wedding, and I'm excited to be with them on this special occasion. Hopefully the weather will be beautiful. Cross your fingers for us, will ya?

Oh my... I can't pick favorites, so I'm posting a TON! Enjoy :)

Melissa 1 copyMelissa 32 copy
Melissa 36 copyMelissa 33 copy
Melissa 34 copyMelissa 53 copy

I LOVE her shoes. I kinda want some!
Melissa 39 copy
Melissa 52 copy
Melissa 18 copyMelissa 19 copy
Melissa 10 copyMelissa-6-copy
Melissa 2 copyMelissa 5 copy

I have to give credit to my awesome assistant/husband for these next two. I think he's secretly really loving being my "2nd shooter!"
Melissa 56 BW copyMelissa 58 BW copy

I loved the blossoms still hanging around on the trees. Spring is so pretty, when it actually acts like Spring! Our Spring here in Utah has been CrAzY! We lucked out with one of the few nice days!
Melissa 55 copyMelissa 41 copy
Melissa 31 copy
Melissa 22 copy
Melissa 11 copyMelissa 44 copy


Jessica said...

These turned out amazing! Beautiful location and beautiful bride. :)

Christie said...

I can't tell you how much I WISH I had photos of me in my wedding gown like this ... these are stunning!! Gorgeous bride and lots of variety ... she will treasure these!

Sophie Crew said...

What a beautiful bride! You captured her perfectly. Gorgeous!

Cori Henderson said...

She is beautiful!!! Love the location and her shoes:)

Laura said...

Gorgeous Bride and beautiful pictures. Love all of them.

Cori Henderson said...

So beautiful! She is absolutely stunning and I love her shoes!!!