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Saturday, May 28, 2011

{Mike and Johna: MARRIED!}

It looked like the weather was finally going to be Spring-like here in Utah. It really did. Then the weather forecast said RAIN!!! I crossed my fingers that maybe they'd be wrong, but I wasn't surprised when the morning of Mike and Johna's wedding came with dark, heavy clouds and pouring rain. So then... I crossed my fingers that it would atleast let up a little so we could take some pictures around the temple. It didn't!
It sure didn't seem to bother the bride and groom, however, who came out of the Temple GLOWING, with huge smiles on their faces! They were so happy, and no amount of rain was going to dampen their spirits.

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We did manage some group shots underneath an overhang, so we could atleast document who was there on this cold, wet day!
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And then Johna's dad leans over to me and says: "We HAVE to get ONE picture in the rain!" And look how brave they were! You can see the rain streaking across the image. It was POURING!!
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That evening, they had a sweet little ring ceremony. It was really lovely.
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Their reception was held at the Bella Vista Reception Center in Lindon.
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We were so thankful that we had done formals with both the Bride and the Groom before the wedding day. But you know what they say, or atleast what I heard on my own rainy wedding day 16 years ago... It's GOOD LUCK to have rain on the day of your wedding! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Simkins!
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Cori Henderson said...

So beautiful!!!

Jessica said...

I wish that you would have been my photographer when I got married. These are wonderful!