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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

{Melissa and Joel: ENGAGED!}

I woke up on the day of this fabulous engagement shoot to SNOW outside my window. This is not how it's supposed to be in late April! Over the course of the day, the snow melted, but the winds came. And they were FREEZING! My husband (who was my assistant for the shoot) and I met Melissa and Joel that evening at an old farm they had found, and as soon as I saw it, I knew it would be a GREAT location! These two were such troopers. They don't even look cold in these images, but let me tell ya... I was wearing earmuffs, gloves, a scarf and my wool coat. Even with gloves I could barely feel my hands. COLD!!!

Congratulations Melissa and Joel... I can't wait for the wedding!!

Melissa 8 copyMelissa 11 copy
Melissa 9 copy
Melissa 10 copy
M&J6 copy
Melissa 3 copyMelissa 5 copy
Melissa 4 copy
M&J7 BW copy
M&J4 copy

Aren't these dogs so awesome? They were HUGE! I couldn't stop laughing as they tried to wrangle them into position. But this shot was worth all the effort!!
Melissa 1A copy
Melissa 16 copy
Melissa 18 copy
Melissa 20 copyMelissa 21 copy
M&J2 BW copy
Melissa 23 BW copy
Melissa 27 copy


musicmom said...

good work Jen. I love all the different backgrounds.

musicmom said...

I entered before I was ready, the couple is so cute together. I loved the props and especially the dogs. What a fun addition.

alej keigan said...

cute! great photos - love their shirts, too! :)

Sophie Crew said...

What a gorgeous couple! Love the urban feel!

Lisa H said...

These 2 look like such a fun couple! You captured them beautifully! I love the shot with their dogs!

Sue said...

What great variety you got - you can't even tell they are cold! Those dogs are adorable - I think my favorite is the one with the guitar.

Lisa Kryschuk said...

Jen these are GORGEOUS! What a beautiful couple and you captured their love perfectly!!!

Cori Henderson said...

Way cute couple!!! I love the locations!!!

Jennifer Stafford Photography said...

Thanks everyone!

Jessica said...

Great pictures!!! I absolutely LOVE the one where they are walking away. They are all great. Neat location!