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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Coming Home

I had the wonderful opportunity and honor to photograph a military homecoming this past Saturday. I had never been to one before, and I was so excited to be a part of it. I pulled into the base and parked my car, and soon I found myself walking behind a little family. As soon as I saw their "Welcome Home Daddy" signs, my eyes started filling with tears. I wondered how I would even be able to see through my camera's viewfinder when the REAL reunions started!
The hangar was full of families waiting for their soldiers. I looked around and wondered how many times each family had said goodbye, and then anxiously awaited their soldier's return. I could not imagine the sacrifice each of them had made by supporting these amazing men and women who, themselves, sacrifice so much to keep our country free. Between the balloons, the flags, and the Army band playing, it was a festive and exciting atmosphere.
Shepherd 40 copy
Shepherd 10 copy

I saw these men enter the hangar carrying flags, and again tears began to well up in my eyes. They spread out across the open doorway and I could feel the love they have for their fellow veterans.
Shepherd 29 copy

I photographed this awesome little family last fall, before this sweet little one's daddy deployed. She was a brand new, teeny tiny baby. She's grown up so much over all these months!
Shepherd 36 copyShepherd 5 copy

I'm can only imagine how excited he must have been to see BOTH his girls!!
Shepherd3 copyShepherd23 copy
Shepherd27 copy

When the plane was finally in sight, the crowd surged forward. Everyone could hardly wait to catch a glimpse of their soldier.
Shepherd 15 copy
Shepherd30 copyShepherd29 copy
Shepherd 14 copy

We weren't sure which direction he would be coming from, but soon we saw him making his way through the crowd.
Shepherd 17 copy
Shepherd 2 copyShepherd 1 copy
Shepherd 13 copy
Shepherd 4 copy
Shepherd 3 copyShepherd 7 copy
Shepherd 59 copy

I'm so glad they are finally back together!
Shepherd 65 copy

Meanwhile, another little family waited for their soldier. I was so happy to be able to document a little bit of their wait as well.
Cassie 3 copyCassie 10 copy
Cassie 14 copy
Cassie 17 copyCassie 19 copy
Cassie 1 copy
Cassie 6 copy

When things got a little chaotic as the plane came into view, I lost her in the crowd, but what a wonderful reunion it was for this little family.
Cassie 29 copyShepherd 38 copy

...and what fantastic support from a whole bunch of people who love these men and missed them so much.
Cassie 27 copy

 I'm so happy for all these families and soldiers who've been reunited after months of separation. I'm grateful for the sacrifices they make in order for our country to be safe and free. I love the men and women of the military. Thank you to all the armed forces of our beautiful USA!


musicmom said...

Boy what a tear jerker this was. I couldn't get through it without tearing up. I can only imagine what the emotions would have been there in the hanger. Great job capturing the emotions with the pictures.

mariee said...

Jen, you did an amazing job!!! These pictures are fantastic and they truly capture the emotions of the moment!

Heidi Neil said...

thank you for capturing this exciting time for our families!! it was a very happy time for all of us. ps the picture of cassie holing sky looks like he is stanging in mid air!!! love these

Susie L said...

Awesome docmuentation - I've been to a few of these and I cried the whole time! It's such a great feeling to see these special people reunited! Your images tell a great story that will always be charished!