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Saturday, August 8, 2009


Here are some more pictures of my sweet niece. I'm so blessed to have a teeny baby nearby to take pictures of any time I want! Her cute mom and dad wanted some specific shots of her, and some family pictures, too, and they HAD to have camo on. Her dad is almost as fanatic a hunter as my own dad, so I understand. They are such a cute little new family. We really wore out little Harlie, though, she zonked out and we got some super cute little snoozy pics of her. I'll post those snoozy ones in a couple of days :) Meanwhile, here are the others. She really didn't want to sleep at first... too afraid of missing out on something.
She was OBVIOUSLY tired, though. She just would. not. give. in. Not yet, anyway... (but I love baby-yawning pictures anyway.


Jessica said...

I absolutely love these pictures. Harlie is the sweetest little thing ever! I just wish I had great pictures like these of my kids when they were babies. Beautiful! Jodie and Corey look good too!

Jen P said...

Those turned out really cute love the camo!!!