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Monday, August 10, 2009

Sweetness Part 2

So little Harlie, as tired as she was, would not go to sleep. She yawned, and yawned, and fussed, and even after taking inside shots in Daddy's hands, going outside for family pictures, and having a little snack... she just wanted to keep staying awake. Finally we put her into her bouncy/vibrating seat, and that did the trick... after a few minutes anyway.

Staring at the window just before she finally zonked out!

I LOVE baby feet

We wanted to try some other poses, but we were so afraid that she'd wake up again, that we just stuck with the one, moved her hands around a little bit, and kept her pretty much in the same sweet sleepy position.


Jessica said...

Oh my goodness! Could these be any cuter!! What a perfect little angel and Jen, these pictures are amazing. Beautiful work as always!

Jen P said...

Oh I love her she is so cute!!! love all the picts

J-ME said...

What??? These are so beautiful! I♥them all! I am loving that blonde hair.
Jenn your pics are wonderful!