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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Welcome Back to Utah!

I sure did miss this cute family while they were living in Arizona. But they are BACK... and not just for a visit this time ;) I was so excited when Jess called and said that she already had outfits picked out and wanted to do a photo session. Her girls are pros. They have a mama who loves to take pictures (and is pretty good at it, too), so they've had LOTS and LOTS of practice. Little brother wasn't quite as excited. It didn't matter what kind of craziness and silliness I was doing, he didn't really care. Luckily I managed to snap some quick ones before he took off hunting for rocks to throw. I have a hard time narrowing pictures down for blogging, so here are a bunch. Hope you like 'em!

Young 2 Cropped copy
Young 22 Crop copyYoung 23 Crop copy
Young 18 copy

The "Boys!!"
Young 19 copy

"The Girls!!"
Young 17 copy

Aren't these two just the cutest princesses?
Young 15 copy
Young 16 copy

Little Brother... such a fun little handsome dude :)
Young 21 copyYoung 5 copy
Young 1 BW copy
Young 26 copy
Young 32 Crop copy
Young 9 copy
Young 28A Crop copy


Jessica said...

Love these Jen!! You did such a great job even with the little busy man! He is one silly guy. These turned out great and I love them!!!! Thanks again!

Leah said...

Can I just say you are so very lucky to have these people back in Utah? We miss our neighbors so much!! Jennifer....these are so very cute. I am in love with the incredible lighting on the girls shot....I showed my girls these pictures and they sure miss they friends Sage and Syd...lovely stuff! Can't wait to see the newborn pics!

brooke said...

These are beautiful! And, the kids seem to be so well-mannered! What's your trick? :) These are wonderful Jen!

Kristie said...

The cutest family ever and my very best friend. You did an awesome job!!

Kelli said...

What an adorable family! Beautiful color and clarity in these images. Great job!

Susie L said...

What a beautiful family! Love the gorgeous light and the black and white is my favorite! Great job!

Lisa said...

Oh Jen, what a gorgeous family and you did an amazing job in capturing them! BEAUTIFUL job!!!!

Jen Mahoney said...

These are just lovely....those kids are such cuties!

Emily said...

WHat awesome family shots!!! I'm sure they LOVE these! I like your compositions.

sophie said...

So sweet! These kiddos are so sweet! Love these family shots!