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Thursday, November 12, 2009

So many leaves... so little time!

It's so fun to go out in the fall leaves and do family pictures. We got some great family group shots of these guys, but when there is a two year old involved, and you throw in those fall leaves, there is only time for playing. And running - FAST. He was definitely a mover. He didn't have time in his busy toddler life to sit still for anything, especially pictures. We did manage to catch one of him by himself. And isn't he a cutie!?

Then just try to get him to lay down in the leaves with his sisters. That was funny! This was the one and only one we got without him rolling out of the shot. HAHA! But doesn't his personality just shine through?

But his cute sisters were pros. They knew just what to do.

And they were having a great time!

Don't you LOVE these curls?


Davies Family said...

I love what you wrote to explain our photo shoot. I couldn't have done a better job:). The kids thought it was pretty cool to see themselves on your blog.

Jessica said...

Cute, cute, cute!