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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Couple More Page Family Pics

We went out for a second little mini-shoot to see if we could get a few more fall pictures with cooperating twins. I think we did fairly well, considering that the twins are barely 1, and want to get down and walk all over the place, and that big brother is 3... need we say more? And I think I found my new favorite spot!

I'm glad there is still a little bit of fall color left. I'd like to stretch the fall out a lot longer!


Brad and Jana said...

I think these look great! I liked the others too, but I was just struggling with my overall appearance that day! I needed a haircut, parted my hair on the wrong side, used moms eyeliner, which is a differnet color, because I was out, etc, etc. Thanks for taking so much time with us! I appreciate it!

Chace and Jen said...

Those turned out really cute. Where did you go?